Detroit Today: The legacy and artistry of rock musician Sixto Rodriguez

Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson conducted an impromptu interview with Rodriguez in 2015, in which the musician discussed the City of Detroit.

Sixto Rodriguez smiles while being interviewed by Craig Fahle in WDET's studios

Sixto Rodriguez being interviewed by WDET's Craig Fahle in 2014.

81-year-old Detroit rock legend and subject of the popular documentary “Searching for Sugar Man,” Sixto Rodriguez, passed away this week.

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Rodriguez released two albums in the early 1970s to very little commercial success. While his career appeared was going nowhere, the music became revered in Australia and in South Africa — where some of his songs were staples of the anti-apartheid movement — without the songwriter knowing.

The release of the documentary made Rodriguez esteemed in his home country and city, prompting media attention and widely-attended tours. Rodriguez is survived by his three daughters, and countless fans across the globe.


Sixto Rodriguez was a musician and the subject of award-winning documentary “Searching for Sugar Man” who grew up in Detroit and achieved worldwide fame. Speaking in 2015, he said he had a lot of love for the city, but he is hopeful for change.

“I used to love Detroit, then I liked Detroit, now I understand Detroit,” says Rodriguez.

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