Detroit Evening Report: Housing canvassers to visit 60K Detroit homes to raise foreclosure prevention awareness

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A Detroit neighborhood

Detroit's population declined for the seventh straight decade, according to 2020 U.S. Census data.

Canvassers in Detroit will knock on 60,000 doors to raise awareness about tax foreclosure prevention options in the city.

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Bridge Detroit reports the Rocket Community Funds “Neighbor to Neighbor” program was created to inform residents about programs like Detroit’s Homeowners Property Exemption, Pay as You Stay and the Detroit Tax Relief Fund.

The return to in-person canvassing is also an effort to collect data for future projects to address housing instability, displacement and tax foreclosure. The program was originally created in 2017 but was suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The most important thing we do as a city is to help make sure the Detroiters who stayed are able to remain in their homes without fear of foreclosure,” Mayor Mike Duggan told The Detroit News. “Thanks to the Rocket Community Fund and the Neighbor to Neighbor program, we’ve been able reach every homeowner struggling with paying their property taxes in a way we were not able to before. With the help [of] this personal outreach, thousands more families are now taking advantage of the HOPE program and have peace of mind about their futures.”

More than half of Detroiters do not have homeowners or renters’ insurance, and many homes are in need of repairs. The program also hopes to create opportunities for residents to learn about estate planning.

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