MichMash: Republican State Rep. James DeSana calls out systemic corruption within party

DeSana called out some of his Republican colleagues for being “infected with systemic corruption.”

James DeSana

There appears to be infighting in the Michigan Republican Party as State Rep. James DeSana called out his colleagues for knowing about wrongdoings within their ranks and not taking disciplinary action sooner.

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Craig Mauger from The Detroit News sits down with MichMash host Cheyna Roth to discuss the reaction to Rep. DeSana’s comments in the Michigan Legislature, updates on potential precedent-making laws and more.

In this episode:

  • State Rep James DeSana calls out the Republican Party for being “infected with systemic corruption”
  • The multiple directions the Michigan GOP is trying to head to.
  • Allowing the purchasing of alcohol at collegiate sporting events
  • Banning drivers from holding cellphones while driving.

“Infected with systemic corruption.” This is how Rep. DeSana (R-Carleton) described his own colleagues in the Michigan House who were aware of former Speaker Lee Chatfield’s alleged criminal activities but didn’t speak up about it. Mauger observed how unique it was to have strong words against his own party.

“It’s pretty interesting to hear a representative speak so specifically about what he sees as wrongdoing — not only by people across the aisle but about his own caucus.” 

DeSana claimed there is a culture in Lansing that when you speak out against leadership, you get punished. And although the District 29 representative is a new member of Michigan’s Legislature, DeSana is calling out the established culture he perceives among Michigan Republicans.

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