New book ‘Hot and Bothered’ aims to normalize conversations about menopause

Author Jancee Dunn joins CultureShift to de-mystify the transition and offer advice for anyone going through it.

Hot and Bothered: What No One Tells You About Menopause, and How to Feel Like Yourself Again, by Jancee Dunn, author of How Not to Hate Your Husband After Kids

"Hot and Bothered" by Jancee Dunn

Author and health journalist Jancee Dunn has written nine books and all have been on the New York Times bestselling list. Her last book, “How Not To Hate Your Husband After Kids,” was even published in 12 languages. She is a frequent contributor to Vogue, the New York Times and Health.

Her latest book, “Hot and Bothered,” approaches the conversation about menopause in a new way. Using research from scientific studies alongside personal testimonials, Dunn adds a comical element to the storytelling and myth-busting about menopause.

Dunn joined CultureShift to de-mystify the transition and offer advice for anyone going through it.

“Things aren’t happening on a policy level or an education level or in medicine, where women’s issues seem to fall off a cliff after pregnancy. We have to do it from a grassroots level. And hopefully, it’ll filter outward.” — Jancee Dunn, author

Listen: Author Jancee Dunn talks normalizing conversations about menopause

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