The lack of Latinx representation in TV and film is a missed opportunity for Hollywood

Latino Donor Collaborative CEO Ana Valdez joins CultureShift to discuss the importance of seeing yourself onscreen.

Ana Valdez discusses a report with another business person

Ana Valdez, CEO of the Latino Donor Collaborative

The Latino Donor Collaborative is a nonprofit that works to collect data on the impact of Latinos in television and in film. According to their 2022 report, less than 4 percent of lead and/or supporting roles go to Latino actors, and less than 3 percent of shows had a lead Latino actor in 2022.

Ana Valdez is the president and CEO of the Latino Donor Collaborative. She says there needs to be a coordinated effort from agencies and leaders in Hollywood to help change these statistics. She joined CultureShift to discuss the importance of seeing yourself onscreen, and why Hollywood is missing a huge economic opportunity by overlooking the Latinx population.

“Imagine if you had three ‘Andor’-s or three ‘Wakanda’-s or three of ‘The Last of Us’ and ‘The Mandalorian.’ You are leaving money on the table. Because Latino stories and Latino content has proven to cross over.” — Ana Valdez, Latino Donor Collaborative

Listen: Latino Donor Collaborative CEO Ana Valdez talks onscreen representation

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