1UPdate: Extra Life uses games to raise money for children’s hospitals

What started as a 24-hour game playing marathon in 2008 now raises money for children’s hospitals across the country.

Extra Life: a program of Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

This week on the 1UPdate, we wanted to take a break from concentrating on the contentious aspects of the gaming industry and instead focus on the positive things gamers have come together to accomplish.

Charity Extra Life started back in 2008 as a way for gamers to raise money for Texas Children’s Hospital as a 24-hour game playing marathon. The organization grew over the years, and in 2011, they raised over $1 million for the first time. Now, Extra Life is raising money to benefit local Children’s Hospitals all over the country.

Hannah Goodman is the Children’s Miracle Network Manager at Corewell Health Foundation for Southeast Michigan. Streamer Timmy Nelson, aka TrueTimFoolery, is an Extra Life Detroit Guild Advisor and was Beaumont Children’s top fundraiser in 2022, raising over $8,000 for the organization.

Goodman and Nelson joined the 1UPdate to talk about the history of Extra Life, some of their most recent efforts and how anyone can participate.

Listen: Extra Life uses games to raise money for children’s hospitals

To learn more and get involved with Extra Life, visit their website.

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