Listen to LLEB perform live in WDET’s Studio A

The Detroit singer-songwriter joined CultureShift for his radio debut to play a few songs and talk about being a new artist.

A young Black man in a green shirt and hat smiles in front of the WDET logo

Singer-songwriter LLEB smiles in the WDET studios.

LLEB is a Detroit singer, songwriter and producer who’s been training as a classical musician his entire life. He began recording music professionally in 2016 but says he took a break to focus on his personal life and mental health.

Once he found his way, R&B musicians like Usher and Frank Ocean started to inspire his sound. Being queer himself, LLEB felt particularly inspired by Frank Ocean to stand tall and make music from the heart, as his true self. Now, his music is available on streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music.

LLEB joined CultureShift for his radio debut to perform a few songs live and talk about what it’s like to be a new artist, from open mic nights to TikTok.

“Social media wasn’t as integral as it is now, it’s changed. You can upload a sound on TikTok, and that sound can take off and can give you all the notoriety in the world and even maybe a major label deal.” — LLEB, singer-songwriter

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