Detroit Evening Report: DTE Energy implements time-of-day rates for customers this month

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DTE Energy will have a new rate structure this month that charges customers more for electricity depending on the time of day.

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The utility giant is increasing rates at peak times, from 3-7 p.m. on weekdays. Customers will be charged 16.75 cents per kWh from October to May, and 20.98 cents per kWh during peak time from June through September.

The cost will be 15.4 cents per kWh during weekends and non-peak times.

Angie Pizzuti, DTE’s chief customer service officer, says the new rates are more expensive due to high demand for electricity at those times.

“We want our customers to be informed and feel empowered to be able to understand the rates, shift their usage and save on their energy bill,” Pizzuti says.

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Pizzuiti suggests running appliances and air conditioning during non-peak hours can lower electricity consumption. Peak rates vary from season to season and DTE has other optional rate structures.

But all customers on the company’s standard base rates will automatically be moved to the new time-of-day rate. They will receive mailers explaining the new rate structure.

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