Family attorney shares tips on making financial conversations less awkward

Personal Family Lawyer founder Ali Katz joins CultureShift to talk about the importance of discussing inheritances sooner rather than later.

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Family business can sometimes be a thing of mystery. There are things that we tend to leave unsaid or hidden among relatives, and finance is too often one of them.

Ali Katz is the founder of Personal Family Lawyer and host of the free masterclass series, “How to Talk ‘Money’ With the People You Love … and Why It’s a MUST DO This Holiday Season.” She says that while it can feel uncomfortable to discuss financial assets with family members, when the time comes, everyone should be prepared.

Katz joined CultureShift to talk about what to expect as family members age, how to prepare to inherit assets or debts from family members and the importance of having tough financial conversations.

“We’ve got to take [finances] out of the taboo, because in many families, it still is. We might bring up money and our parents think, ‘Why are you bringing up money? Why do you want to talk about money with me? Are you trying to take something from me?’ But now is the actual opportunity to change that and to start to heal that family dynamic.” — Ali Katz, founder of Personal Family Lawyer

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