Detroit Evening Report: Suspect arrested, charged with murder in shooting of Detroit mother outside store

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Detroit Police Department hold a press conference announcing the arrest of a suspect in the shooting of Tracie Golden.

A suspect has been arrested in the west side murder of a Detroit respiratory therapist.

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Tracie Golden, 53, was leaving a party store in North Rosedale Park the night of December 28 when she was approached by a man, who shot her and stole her car. Detroit police chief James White announced the arrest and charging of 19-year-old Bradley Thurman at a news conference Tuesday.

“Ms. Golden did what any of us would do and take for granted every day, she stopped at a store in her neighborhood on her way home from work,” White said at the press conference. “Unfortunately, she was victimized by someone who had no respect for her. No respect for themselves. No respect for our community and no respect for life.”

Thurman was arrested Friday and is charged with first degree murder, felony murder, five counts of armed robbery and seven felony firearm counts.

He is currently being held at the Wayne County Jail with bail set at $4 million.

“She loved everybody, she cared about everybody, she would help everybody. Even the young man that did this senseless crime,” Golden’s husband, John, told The Detroit News. “It’s going to be hard but there’s no closure, not to me. This is something that we will have to live with for the rest of our lives.”

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