1UPdate: The history of Twitch

From Justin.tv to Amazon’s $970 million acquisition, Twitch has become nearly synonymous with gaming.

smartphone on a desk with the Twitch app open

There’s one name that comes up in almost every edition of the 1UPdate. From starting as a 24/7 broadcast of one guy’s day-to-day life, to being acquired by Amazon for $970 million, Twitch has become deeply embedded in the gaming world over the past 16 years.

Since its 2007 beginnings, Twitch has become one of the most popular and trafficked websites for live streaming video. Places like YouTube and Facebook have tried to replicate such livestream gaming initiatives on their own platforms, but so far, no one has even begun to come close. In this segment, we discuss Twitch’s start as Justin.tv, what sets it apart from other video broadcast platforms and how its young audience has resulted in numerous high-profile controversies.

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Also in this segment:

  • Zenimax’s 300 quality assurance testers band together to form the third video game workers union in the US; voluntarily recognized by parent company Microsoft.
  • The Federal Trade Commission held its first pre-hearing on Jan. 3 for its antitrust lawsuit against Microsoft.
  • In a 37-page response, Microsoft called into question the constitutional validity of the FTC.

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