Listen to WDET and StoryCorps’ One Small Step Special

WDET and StoryCorps present our One Small Step 1-hour special.

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Detroit’s NPR Station 101.9 WDET and StoryCorps present One Small Step, an initiative bringing two community members with divergent viewpoints together for a civil conversation.

In a period where Americans say divisiveness is a major problem impacting the country’s and our communities’ ability to face challenges, One Small Step is based on the belief that hope lies in connecting people. The goal is to bring individuals together to talk, not debate, and go beyond labels like “Democrat” and “Republican,” to share who they are, what they care about and their dreams for the future.

WDET, one of only six stations selected nationally to participate in One Small Step, received interest from over 300 individuals to be part of these conversations. Participants were selected from this volunteer group, paired to bring diverse people and ideas together. With a trained moderator, the discussions were safe places for powerful and respectful sharing of topics that included who each individual has been influenced by, who they disagree with but respect, and major concerns about the future of our community and country.

Listen to WDET’s One Small Step special at the top of the page to hear some of these important conversations that took place.

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