One Small Step: Ann Bruttell and Gretchen White on tolerance and peacemaking

In this conversation, Metro Detroiters Ann Bruttell and Gretchen White discuss their personal values, why they identify with their selected political parties and how we move forward as a country.

green graphic with white text reading "One Small Step" with a screenshot of a video call between Ann and Gretchen

Ann Bruttell (left) and Gretchen White participated in StoryCorps' and WDET's One Small Step.

One Small Step from StoryCorps is a program that brings together people from opposite ends of the political spectrum for a personal conversation. Over this past year, WDET has been collecting conversations — and the results have been fascinating.

In this One Small Step conversation, Ann Bruttell (69) and Gretchen White (67) talk about their similar paths in life and how they diverged, moving away from home and how President Nixon and the Watergate scandal influenced their lives.

“We all have to have a tolerance. I think we’re just missing tolerance and compassion and understanding. I think that we need somebody — I don’t care what party — who’s a peacemaker.” — Ann Bruttell, One Small Step participant

Hear their full conversation here, and join us for an hour-long One Small Step special on Wednesday, Dec. 28 at 9 a.m., 2 p.m. and 7 p.m.

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