GOP ’23: Michigan conservatives describe the Republican Party and conservativism

State Sen. Ed McBroom says he’s a conservative because he wants to ensure people “have the freedom to go where they please, start the businesses they want, (and) have a family as they want.”  

In this state and around the country, many anticipated state Republicans gaining large majorities in the midterm elections. That didn’t happen, especially in Michigan — where Democrats gained majorities in all major branches of government.

But despite this outcome, many — including us on Detroit Today — still want to know: What is animating the Republican Party? As part of our “GOP ‘23: Where the Party At?series, we’re exploring the Republican Party.

Three Rivers state Rep. Steve Carra who now chairs the Grand New Party PAC, the group trying to push the Republican Party further to the right and reimagine the party to be more akin to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s politics.

State Senator Ed McBroom is a representative of the Upper Peninsula. While he is conservative, he does not support the illegitimate idea that the 2020 presidential election was stolen. McBroom has spent time trying to convince his own constituents of this fact.

“It’s about the ideals and it’s about the principles that set America apart in the first place in the founding, and the ideals of inalienable rights of life, liberty (and) the pursuit of happiness.” — state Senator Ed McBroom.

Listen: How two state representatives consider the state Republican Party.



State Senator Ed McBroom is a Republican representing the 38th District in the Upper Peninsula. He says he identifies with conservative values because, in his view, they more closely align with the ideals in the United States Constitution.

McBroom says he’s a conservative because he wants to preserve the founding ideals, like individual liberty, freedom and “creating a system where those values are protected from government.”

“It’s about the ideals and it’s about the principles that set America apart in the first place in the founding,” says McBroom.

State Rep. Steve Carra represents the 59th District and will be representing the 36th District as of January 1, 2023. He also chairs the Republican Grand New Party PAC.

Carra says conservatives shouldn’t stray from the original meaning and intent of the U.S. Constitution.

“The problem is, I think the Republican Party has moved too far to the left,” says Carra. “It’s been too passive and it’s been too timid as the radical left continues to move further and further away from the Constitution.”

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