Democrats carried younger voters and capitalized on abortion restriction fears

Two reporters explain why the Democrats did so well in the midterm and what policies they will be prioritizing in the coming months.

podium that reads "MI Dems" in front of an American flag

Podium at the Michigan Democratic election night watch party at MotorCity Casino in Detroit on Nov. 8, 2022.

In Michigan, political majorities favored Democrats in ways that were not anticipated. High prices and historically bad years for the party in power during the midterms were thought to hurt them — but that didn’t seem to happen.

Democrats won the attorney general, secretary of state and governor’s races. They won Michigan’s House and Senate for the first time in about 40 years. Additionally, all three ballot proposals passed — which were generally supported by Democrats.

“I think the last voter in the state was in Ann Arbor after 2 a.m. waiting in line to cast that final ballot.” — Clara Hendrickson, reporter

Listen: Why Democrats had so much success in the suburbs.



Craig Mauger covers state government and politics for The Detroit News. He says Democrats should try to enact their legislative agenda early on.

“All of the landmark controversial policies that the Republicans have enacted during the Snyder Administration, and previously, will be on the table,” says Mauger. “It’s a question of, as I was talking to Democrats yesterday, ‘what is the order and what is the timing of doing these things?’”

Clara Hendrickson is a politics reporter for the Detroit Free Press and PolitiFact Michigan. She says abortion was a big reason why young Michiganders came out to support the Democratic Party.

“We saw many college voters taking advantage of their right to register to vote on election day and cast a ballot,” says Hendrickson. “I think the last voter in the state was in Ann Arbor after 2 a.m. waiting in line to cast that final ballot.”

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