1UPdate: Popular Twitch streamer Amouranth reveals domestic violence

In a recent stream, Amouranth revealed she was in an abusive relationship. Psychiatrist Dr. Gerald Shiener joins the show to discuss.

Amouranth in an October 2022 stream.

Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa is a notoriously successful Twitch streamer. Before she started streaming in 2016, she was an impressive cosplayer. She won Streamer of the Year for 2022, she’s ranked 88 in the top 100 most viewed streamers on Twitch and she has a following of 5.96 million people on Twitch with an average of 401 million views. She’s easily one of the most popular and visible women on Twitch.

In a recent stream, though, it was revealed that she had been experiencing abuse from her husband, who both controlled many aspects of her channel and was kept a secret from her audience for several years. The stream depicted her husband threatening to sabotage her finances, threatening to harm her dogs and making derogatory statements toward Amouranth herself. Though it seemed her situation had improved within two days of this stream, with her then saying online that she had regained access to her finances and that her husband was seeking “legal and emotional counsel,” fans were still skeptical at how quickly a resolution was reached.

Dr. Gerald Shiener is the Chief of Psychiatry at Sinai Grace Hospital. He joined the 1UPdate to discuss the situation, explain what the aftermath of a dysfunctional relationship might look like and address fan’s concerns for Amouranth’s safety.

“When something like this comes out, we can see how a woman can be so intimidated, so frightened and so afraid for her own well-being and her own safety, and yet have to present a public image that she’s in charge, she’s confident, she knows what she’s doing and our interest in her is warranted.” — Dr. Gerald Shiener, psychiatrist

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If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, visit https://domesticviolenceresourcecenter.org/ or call 775-329-4159.

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