Michigan Voter Guide 2022: Secretary of State

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Michigan voters will head to the polls on Tuesday, November 8, for the 2022 midterm elections. One of the races on the ballot is Michigan’s secretary of state. Candidates include incumbent Jocelyn Benson and her Republican opponent Kristina Karamo.

Keep reading to learn the candidates’ answers to the questionnaire they received from WDET.

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Jocelyn Benson
Photo Credit: John F. Martin

Jocelyn Benson – Democrat (incumbent)

Why are you the best candidate to be the State of Michigan’s secretary of state?

I believe my work experience prior to being elected in 2018, coupled with my experience as [Michigan’s] Secretary of State these past four years, makes me the best candidate to serve as secretary of state in the coming four years.

Prior to my election, I was CEO for a national non-profit and served as dean of Wayne State Law School where I taught election law. Once elected secretary of state, I focused my attention on making Michigan a model for election administration and improving customer service.

I am pleased to say we accomplished both of those goals.  We conducted the safest, most successful election in Michigan history that was marked by 5.5 million voters casting ballots, all in a global pandemic. Some 3.3 million of those votes were cast by absentee ballot.

Further, we have doubled the number of services customers can request online, have placed state-of-the-art self service stations in more than 160 locations around the state, including grocery stores, and have revamped our branch office operation so customers doing business in-person are in-and-out, on average, in 20 minutes or less.

We have delivered real results during my tenure.

If re-elected, what improvements do you plan to implement at Secretary of State offices and online services to provide better customer service for Michiganders?

If re-elected, I will build on the successes we’ve already put in place, which I briefly outlined above. That will include an expansion of our mobile branch office operation and taking our services to places our customers frequent. In short, our goal is to take as much business to the people as possible.

Do you believe there are integrity concerns with Michigan’s election process?

I believe Michigan elections are fair, free, accessible, and without question, conducted by local election officials with the utmost integrity. I believe there is reason to be concerned over the greatest threat facing our election system, which is the misinformation campaign that is being waged by election deniers and those who would tear down our democracy for personal gain.  Our goal must be to do our jobs honestly, regardless of the outcome and to fight to ensure that every voice is heard and every vote is counted.

That has been my goal and will continue to be my goal if reelected on November 8.

Kristina Karamo – Republican

Kristina Karamo did not respond to our questionnaire. You can find more information at Karamo’s official campaign website.

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