1UPdate: Learn about the biggest influencers in gaming

In this segment, CultureShift talks about the biggest influencers, players and celebrity fans in gaming. Plus, the latest in gaming news.

Hasan Piker at Polticon 2018.

In this segment, we talk about some of the movers and shakers within the video game world. These are people who have found fame and fortune by simply playing and being enthusiastic about video games. It’s an entire industry unto itself.

One such influencer is Hasan Piker, or HasanAbi on Twitch. An outspoken Leftist, he has a daily stream where he plays video games while discussing politics. Another is xQc, a Canadian streamer who turned his reputation around after sparking controversy when he was younger. Closer to home, there’s also Tyler Blevins, or Ninja on Twitch. Originally from Detroit, he runs the most-followed channel on Twitch.

Listen: Get to know the biggest influencers in gaming.


Also in this segment:

  • Updates on Keffals.
  • Vodeo Games to shut down after historic unionization efforts.
  • League of Legends TV adaptation “Arcane” takes home 5 Emmys.

Photo credit: mo1567/Flickr.

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