The Catch: Shoreline shipwrecks

There are thousands of shipwrecks in the depths of the Great Lakes, but you don’t need scuba gear to see all of them. Author and editorial director of Jim DuFresne has published “A Landlubbers Guide to Shoreline Shipwrecks.”

Off the shore of South Manitou Island is the wreck of the Francisco Morazan. The oceangoing Liberian freighter was bound for Holland when it ran aground in 1960. Much of the wreck is visible above the water a few hundred yards from the shore.

This web article was previously published by The Catch.

This month of The Catch features a look at shoreline shipwrecks in Michigan.

Author and editorial director of Jim DuFresne published a “Landlubbers Guide to Shoreline Shipwrecks,” and takes Great Lakes Now on a virtual tour of some of his favorites which include wrecks on the shores of Sleeping Bear Dunes and Isle Royale National Park.

Watch: Michigan’s shoreline has prime viewing of Great Lakes shipwrecks.

He also discusses the popular viewing experience at the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum where the SS Edmund Fitzgerald sunk off the coast of Lake Superior.

“That one fascinates everybody and they have quite a few pieces up from that boat,” DuFresne said. “It’s very well done.”

Photo credit: Jim DuFresne/Michigan

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