Detroit City Council delays vote on tax break for Hudson’s site again 

Council President Mary Sheffield says it’s best to wait another week after considerable pushback from residents who oppose the 10-year abatement plan. 

Detroit City Council is again postponing a vote on whether to give Dan Gilbert’s Hudson’s site project a $60 million tax break.    

The billionaire’s real estate company Bedrock is handling the project and contends the abatement is needed to keep the project going.   

Tuesday’s move during the City Council’s meeting follows considerable pushback on the deal from city residents. Officials first delayed the vote last week, when several people voiced their opposition to the 10-year abatement plan for the downtown property, saying the city needs to use that money to fund schools and libraries. 

Council President Mary Sheffield said after meeting with constituents earlier this week, it’s best to wait another week on a final vote.  

“I know a lot of people may have come down or are waiting to make comment regarding the Hudson’s site and I am going to be requesting that it be postponed for one week,” Sheffield said, noting the amount of people who came to the meeting to speak on the issue.  

“I’m personally still trying to digest all that was discussed and all of these meetings and working with Gilbert’s company to solidify some things in writing regarding some commitments that have been made or expressed to date,” Sheffield said. 

Construction on the Hudson’s site started in 2017 with millions of dollars in state and local tax breaks. Back then, developers said that the project would be completed in 2022, but now say the building could be finished by 2024. Costs for the project have increased as well and now total $1.4 billion. Much of the project remains unfinished with its steel frame still visible from Woodward Avenue.  

Photo credit: Nate Pappas/WDET

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