Russia may launch cyberattacks against businesses, critical infrastructure, FBI director warns

Wray tells business leaders in Detroit they may soon be targets of Russian cyber attacks in retaliation for U-S sanctions over the invasion in Ukraine.


The head of the FBI warned business leaders in Detroit this week that Russia may launch cyberattacks against their companies in retaliation over the United States’ support of Ukraine.

Intelligence officials believe the preparation for such attacks is well underway.

President Biden warned earlier this week that Russia might use cyberattacks to cripple critical U.S. infrastructure.

FBI Director Christopher Wray amplified that warning to members of the Detroit Economic Club on Tuesday.

He says U.S. industry must work with the government to strengthen security systems and networks because the Russians are showing a heightened level of cyber activity.

“There’s researching of victims, scanning for vulnerabilities in systems,” Wray says. “And so we have been engaged with certain companies and industries specifically to try to help them button things down.”

Wray says the bureau has teams ready to quickly respond to any company reporting a cyberattack potentially connected to Russia.

He adds the bureau is greatly concerned about China’s continued efforts to hack cyber networks and obtain industry secrets.

“China, which is the biggest culprit in this space, they’re stealing corporate information from U.S. businesses and putting it in the hands of Chinese competitors,” Wray says. “So we actually have their intelligence services stealing information from U.S. businesses to help Chinese businesses.”

Wray also estimates that cyber ransomware attacks have increased 82% since 2019.

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