Detroit Producer Tall Black Guy, Lansing MC Ozay Moore Release New Album

“Of Process and Progression” is a collaborative effort that came out of the pandemic and tackles social issues over an homage to old-school hip-hop beats.

Tall Black Guy & Ozay Moore
Tall Black Guy & Ozay Moore

Over the last decade, Detroit producer Tall Black Guy has established himself as one of hip-hop’s preeminent beat makers. On his latest project, Tall Black Guy teams up with his longtime friend and frequent collaborator, the MC Ozay Moore.

The album “Of Process and Progression,” is inspired by a classic hip-hop sound and examines contemporary social-political issues heightened by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We couldn’t help but to speak on what was happening at the time. I think that’s a role in hip-hop,” says Ozay Moore. “This record isn’t limited to the summer of 2020. I think what was happening was causing a lot of reflection.”

Of Process and Progression is available now.

Listen: Tall Black Guy and Ozay Moore break down their new album “Of Process and Progression”

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