Supercoolwicked: The Future of Future Soul

The lifelong Detroiter credits Assemble Sound with assisting her musical development.

Morgan Hutson, who performs as Supercoolwicked, is a lifelong Detroiter who developed her love of performance while part of the Mosaic Youth Theatre.

The singer’s stage name was a product of youthful exuberance and a plot to scam the naming conventions on Facebook, but, she says, it stuck. “I try to live up to it. I think I’m a wild person,” says Hutson. “And I think that being wild and free on-stage kind of lends itself to the name.”

Supercoolwicked’s love of music and performance was fostered by her family. “One of my earliest memories is my mom rapping ‘Rapper’s Delight’ to me and my older brother,” she recalls. “So she started doing that, you know, along with bedtime stories with me my older brother. And then she just started singing ‘Annie’ and apparently I started singing along and that is where it all began.”

While her family spawned her love of music, her debut release owes a lot to a particular genre-bending outfit: The Roots. “I was just trying to honor the roots and do something that I hadn’t heard,” the R&B songstress explains. “That was where ‘High Gloss’ came from.”

As she continues to develop her craft, she credits Assemble Sound with assisting her musical development. “It’s a place where people can go and kind of plug and play. And it also acts as a label for a couple of artists. And they have a residency program,” says Hutson.

As a participant of that residency, Supercoolwicked produced the track “Juliet” for the Assemble Sound Resident Mixtape, released in December 2020.


“The way I wrote it was supposed to be an homage to Shakespeare, especially the line like ‘a rose by any other another’s name just wouldn’t smell as sweet,’ she says. “So essentially, that was what I was going for.”

On the horizon for Supercoolwicked there’s more music, visual elements and “perhaps a project.” You can stay up to date with her on Instagram.

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