Investment Places Stellantis in EV Competition with Ford and General Motors

Stellantis is promising to launch 40 all-electric vehicles and 15 plug-in hybrid models globally by 2025.

Stellantis Detroit assembly complex

While General Motors and Ford have announced a variety of electrical vehicle projects in recent months, Stellantis has been missing from the conversation. That changed last week when the company announced plans to invest the equivalent about $35.6 billion in EV technology by 2025.

Within that timeframe, the automaker says it plans to launch a total of 55 electrified models across its portfolio of vehicles, which includes American brands Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep.

“There isn’t a sense that there’s been a lot of groundwork laid by Stellantis in this area.” –Karl Brauer, ISeeCars

ISeeCars executive auto analyst Karl Brauer says the commitment from Stellantis is in line with what other automakers are investing in EVs. However, he says the timeline could be considered the most aggressive.

“There isn’t a sense that there’s been a lot of groundwork laid by Stellantis in this area,” says Brauer, “as there has in other global automakers.”

Among the new vehicles, the automaker has teased an electrified muscle car, which analysts anticipate could be a variant of the Dodge Charger or Dodge Challenger. Brauer says the prospective EV could go a long way toward normalizing EVs.

“If they can properly leverage electric vehicle technology,” says Brauer, “they will hopefully start converting a lot of the stalwarts that are their fans right now into believers that maybe battery power isn’t as bad they think.”

Stellantis says its electric investment will lead to the creation of five new factories between the United States and Europe. The exact location of those factories is yet to be nailed down.

Listen: Karl Brauer of ISeeCars discusses Stellantis’ electric investment.

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