Looking Back at 60 Years of Iconic Albums Released During the Month of March

Daft Punk, India Arie and Alice Cooper are just a few of the musicians with notable record releases.

The month of March is known for many of music’s best releases from the past 50 years.


It was 30 years ago this month when the Athens, Georgia, rock band, R.E.M., released their album, “Out of Time.” It’s considered their single greatest hits album. The band stayed together until about 2011. About 10 years ago around this time, R.E.M. released an album called “Collapse into Now.” It was so perfectly “R.E.M.” that R.E.M. sensed the end was near. Six months after the release in 2011, they disbanded.

Daft Punk

In March of 2001, there were a bunch of notable releases. The album “Discovery” by Daft Punk, the French duo’s follow-up to 1997’s “Homework,” was one such release. The DJs recently called it quits, hanging up their helmets for good.

India Arie

Singer and songwriter India Arie released her debut album “Acoustic Soul” featuring her well-known track “Video.” This album launched a substantial career, as India has been nominated for over 23 Grammy Awards, winning four times.

Stars on 45

In 1981, a couple of Dutch producers came together to release what would become one of summer’s biggest hits. The album “Stars on Long Play” dropped in March of that year. Stars on 45 were well known for their sampling, as they proceeded to create half a dozen Beatles songs from samples.

Alice Cooper

The Detroit band released two albums in 1971, including “Love It to Death” followed by “Killer” later that year.

James Taylor & Family

James Taylor signed to Applecore label 1966. By March 1971, he released his third album. He followed it up in 1971 with “Mud Slide Slim.” It was part of the flooding of the market by the Taylor family in 1971. Later that year, James’ sister Kate dropped her debut album “Sister Kate,” and brothers Alex and Liv also released solo albums.

The Primettes aka The Supremes

America’s most successful vocal group began in Detroit on the legendary Motown label. Florence Ballard, Diana Ross, Mary Wilson and Betty McGlown would be known as the Supremes in 1961, the year their career kicked off with their single, “I Want A Guy.”

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