Essential Cooking: The Truth About Fish

In this episode of “Essential Cooking,” Fishmonger Matthew Wiseman talks seafood and sustainability.

Have you ever wondered where the fish sold at your local supermarket come from, or which ones are sustainably raised? Fishmonger Matthew Wiseman of Motor City Seafood joins Ann Delisi and Chef James Rigato to talk seafood: The fish we eat too much of, the fish we should eat more of, and how to find the right fish to cook at home.

“What you buy as a consumer, matters.” – Chef James Rigato

For wild-caught fish, Matthew Wiseman cautions that some species are overfished, and should be avoided for the sake of sustainability, including: Blue Fin Tuna, Stone Crab, and Spanish Mackerel.

“Not all farmed fish are created equal,” Rigato adds. But, if you’re concerned about the sustainability and quality of seafood you buy, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Farm fishing practices are improving
  • Quality of farmed salmon varies. Some is pellet fed, given antibiotics, and even dyed.
  • Keep an open mind about what kind of fish you cook with, and select the freshest fish available for the season.

Want to find and cook quality fish at home? Listen to the episode to hear Chef Rigato and Matthew Wiseman’s tips for selecting and cooking fish.

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  • Ann Delisi
    Ann Delisi hosts Essential Music, the Essential Conversations podcast series and the Essential Cooking broadcast and podcast. Born and raised in the Motor City, Ann is a broadcaster, interviewer, producer, music host, storyteller and proud Detroiter.