Tribute from Herb Boyd


RELATIONSHIP TO ED: Author and Love lover

No matter the letters—WJLB, WCHD, WJZZ or WDET-FM, his current seat behind the mic, two things are consistent from Ed Love: His mellifluous voice and a trove of music history, especially jazz. During my long sojourn in Detroit, I listened to him on WJZZ, and those call letters were apropos of Ed’s favorite genre. Back in the day, when I was an active participant in the city’s cultural scene, Ed was not only on the air but at the events, often hosting, moderating, or emceeing, all of which he did with his usual grace and sophistication. On more than one occasion, I took notes at a concert while he kept an audience engrossed with his mellow flow of information. I am glad to learn that he is still delivering the music he loves, just like the Love of yesteryear. And come Monday, around midnight, I will be streaming on WDET before I begin dreaming in Harlem.