Botanical Artist Creates Large Installations to Support Michigan’s Flower Growers

Lisa Waud’s organization, Big Flower Friend, will raise money for Michigan’s Flower Farmers by designing six flower installations in Detroit for people to visit safely and view online.

Many businesses have been negatively impacted by COVID-19 including Michigan’s Flower Growers, a group of farmers who make the majority of their income during the Spring and Summer seasons by providing flowers for weddings and events.

“I felt tasked with creating some beauty as quickly as possible for folks to see.”

In an effort to raise money and awareness to support them, botanical artist Lisa Waud launched Big Flower Friend, a fundraising initiative coupled with large scale flower installations in different Detroit neighborhoods chosen by the authors of the book “Belle Isle to 8 Mile.”

Click on the player above to hear Lisa Waud on her large-scale flower installation and the healing power of beauty.

“I came up with the idea because I feel a responsibility as an artist doing this specific work that is already outdoors, open air, working with nature,” Waud says. “So I felt tasked with creating some beauty as quickly as possible for folks to see.”

The first installation is at the home Marvin Gaye was living in when he recorded “What’s Going On.” Every Thursday through July 2nd, she will create a new installation at a new location for people to view safely. 

Make donations to support Michigan Flower Growers here.

In addition to the visual beauty of these installations there will be “Big Flower Friend” playlists on Spotify, and one of the lists will be curated by Detroit musician and songwriter, Jax Anderson

One of Lisa’s most notable moments of marrying flowers and music was her flower installation for Detroit rapper Danny Brown’s video for “Best Life” which she recreated on the stage of “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.” 

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