Michigan Craft Beverage Council Investing In Climate Change, Hard Cider Research

$400,000 in grants will target climate change impacts, crop quality, disease management and other research priorities for beer, hard cider, spirits and wine production.

The Michigan Craft Beverage Council announced 14 projects will receive $400,000 research funding.

The money will go towards understanding several topics including how climate change will impact wine and beer production. 

Jenelle Jagmin is a spokesperson for the the beer council. She says the goal is to help beverage producers.  

“We want this research to be used by industry partners to be able to make decisions with their planning and with their purchasing you know, about what sort of hops, what sort of grapes that they’re going to be looking for their production.”

Jagmin says this is the largest contribution from the council to date.

  • Grapevine cold hardiness research
  • Variety selection and best practices for soft winter wheat malting
  • Role of planting and seeding in optimizing winter survival
  • Developing pest management approaches for Michigan vineyards
  • Increasing demand for Michigan hard cider industry

Correction appended, 4:30 pm, March 5, 2020: The original headline on this article misnamed the group investing funds due to an editing mistake. The correct name is the Michigan Craft Beverage Council. 101.9 WDET regrets the error.

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  • Tia Graham
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