Trump Favorability Gap Hardens Despite Impeachment

Washington Post political reporter Philip Bump talks about how new data supports the idea that impeachment will never push Trump out of office.

It’s been another week of impeachment proceedings, and while some are following the developments in the United States Senate closely to see how it all plays out, one person says if you look at polling data, the end result is already clear. 

Recent Gallup data released last week looks at the approval rating of the president. In a nutshell, according to a new article about the data in the Washington Post, “Republicans like Trump a lot, [and] Democrats dislike him a lot.” 

Click the player above to listen to Washington Post reporter Philip Bump on the politics of impeachment.


Washington Post correspondent Philip Bump, who writes that “the day the impeachment trial began in the Senate, data was released that made clear why President Trump would never be removed from office.”

Donald Trump has discovered that the informal niceties of American politics fall away if you largely ignore them.”  – Philip Bump, Washington Post

On the subject of how Trump’s presidency will shape the future of the office, Bump says a “Democratic president will not be super eager to reel back in the power of president simply because they’ll be president.” As far as the impeachment process, Bump says the evidence is out there and has been for awhile.

“The question I have as a reporter is how closely are people actually paying attention?”

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