“A Festivus For The Rest of Us!” Jason Alexander of Seinfeld Airs Grievances of 2019

The only way to kick off 2020 is by venting about the year that was. Stephen Henderson leads the annual airing of grievances.

From the petty to the profound, Festivus is all about honoring grievances big and small. Before jumping into the new year why not start fresh by clearing the air with a Festivus-inspired vent session? In honor of the holiday, Detroit Today’s Stephen Henderson invites a panel of guests, and listeners alike to pick nits and settle scores.

Before the panel kicks off, WDET’s Jake Neher got a chance to speak with Jason Alexander, who played George Costanza in Seinfeld. Alexander says one of his grievances is the ever-changing information around the foods and activities that are best for our health. He points to olive oil and wine as examples of things that seem to constantly sway between good and bad for our health

Jake Neher/WDET
Jake Neher/WDET

First up Candice Fortman, Chief of Engagement and Operations at Outlier Media, has a bone to pick with Detroit legend, Anita Baker. Whats up with leaving her home-town off of her farewell concert tour? Is it too much to ask for one last blow-out Detroit show?-Candice doesn’t think so. 

As for Bill Nowling, Managing Director of Lambert & Co., he is sick of billionaires who spend money in Detroit expecting a parade to be thrown in their honor for investing in the city. While not adverse to people spending money, Bill does take issue with the sense of pride some tycoons adopt. If you are going to invest in Detroit then he says its imperative you adopt the Midwestern, humble affect as well. 

WDET’s very own Ryan Patrick Hooper, host of Culture Shift, has a more…personal grievance. His objection touches on one of the most contentious issues of our time-to knock or jiggle. When using a public bathroom do you knock on the door to see if its occupied? Do you jiggle the handle? Ryan Patrick Hooper insists that proper bathroom etiquette is to jiggle the handle, if the door is locked it is safe to assume the bathroom is occupied and it would be rude to proceed with a knock after a jiggle. He adds that a conversation about bathroom occupation through the bathroom door is simply out of the question. 

Finally, Stephen Henderson has a gripe with the cultural conception of time, specifically the idea of the previous decade. He insists that since we follow a Roman calendar system that the new decade actually starts with 2021 not 2020. Stephen used his grievance to advocate for the importance of precision and accuracy. 

Click the player above to hear the full gamut of grievances from Stephen and the panel.

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