Detroit Public School Teacher Connects Students With Horses

Detroit Public School teacher, David Silver, created Detroit Horse Power to help students learn everything from patience to confidence.

Ann Delisi talks with David Silver about his experience as a Detroit Public School teacher, what he learned about what his students were lacking and how interacting with horses could help them. He launched Detroit Horse Power as a way to bring horses into the lives of children whose situations prevent them from gaining the life skills they need and want. 

This year, Detroit Horse Power secured an 18-acre piece of land in Detroit from DPS, that will become the new permanent home of Detroit Horse Power. It will be a $5 million dollar facility that will provide unique and impactful experiences to change the lives of Detroit Public School kids. 

Click on the player above to hear Ann Delisi interview Detroit Horse Power’s David Silver.

Detroit Horse Power will hold their 2nd Annual Gala on Friday, November 15th at the Roostertail. 


  • Ann Delisi
    Ann Delisi hosts Essential Music, the Essential Conversations podcast series and the Essential Cooking broadcast and podcast. Born and raised in the Motor City, Ann is a broadcaster, interviewer, producer, music host, storyteller and proud Detroiter.