Michigan Civil Rights Department Free to Investigate LGBTQ Discrimination Claims

Attorney General Dana Nessel reversed her predecessors ruling on investigating LGBTQ discrimination claims. Hear Michigan’s Civil Rights chief Agustin Arbulu speak on the decision.

Michigan Department of Civil Rights

The Michigan Civil Rights Commission is free to investigate civil rights complaints filed based on sexual orientation and gender identity. That’s under a decision issued yesterday by Attorney General Dana Nessel.

Her predecessor, Bill Schuette, issued a formal opinion last year that said the commission could not interpret the Elliott Larsen Civil Rights Act to provide protections for LGBTQ people under its protections for “sex discrimination.”

Nessel says her office will not issue a new opinion because the question is currently being litigated in the courts.

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The director of the Michigan Department of Civil Rights, Agustin Arbulu, joins Detroit Today with Stephen Henderson to discuss the attorney general’s decision and talk about the larger issues around LGBTQ rights in Michigan.

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