Milo Minute: Remnose, The Scrappers, Prude Boys

Local concerts and shows in Detroit for the weekend of June 14 and 15, 2019.

Brian Rozman

Longtime Detroit music journalist Jeff Milo’s byline appears in publications locally and globally. He’s been plugging ears into the Detroit scene for years with his prolific Deep Cutz blog and his YouTube series, The Milo Show.

Each week, Milo gives us a rundown of can’t-miss shows in and around the Detroit area. 


June 14

Record release for indie-folk band Remnose at Ant Hall

Remnose is a folk band that’s heavy on texture, vibe and dreamy atmospherics, meditative if you will. The kinds of tunes you would listen to on headphones at sunrises on wilderness hikes. It’s earthy and spiritual in a cosmic way. That continues on their new album, ‘Waiting On The Wind,’ which is out this weekend.

This batch of arrangements are the band’s most complex yet. Close your eyes and imagine floating on soft tides, hearing the seabirds and feeling the swell of a sonic wind. The album combines cellos with synthesizers and violins curtaining the sweet vocal melodies.

Remnose will be at Ant Hall Friday night with the Drinkard Sisters, and the folk songwriter trio Kubat, Finlay and Rose. 


Prude Boys debut new single at UFO Factory

Prude Boys started out six years ago with a bit of grime, punk and garage rock. Now, the band has progressed into a rock ‘n’ roll group that really knows their way around an earworm chorus that stays with you for days.

The band has a new 7″ single coming out Friday night and is celebrating at UFO Factory. This song starts like it’s in a hurry — at least the guitars do, like it wants to grab your arm and get you up to a sprint, but the drums kind of slow you down. Then you have Caroline’s vocals swaying to create this tension of frenetic guitars, kicking drums and dreamy vocals.

Click the player above to listen to the single, “Reunion.” Prude Boys will appear this Friday at UFO Factory with Milk Bath and Phased Out.


June 15

The Scrappers Record Release Party at Otus Supply

This is the Scrappers debut album, even though the quartet has been together for several years. The band is made up of seasoned, savvy veterans of the local rock scene. Their chemistry as a rock group congealed long ago, blending a bit of The Byrds and Neil Young’s 60’s swagger with the inventive melodic scales of the later more psychedelic Beatles.

Listen to the single from this self-titled The Scrappers album, “Feel Love.” Early Jones and Don Duprie are opening up their album release party in the Parliament Room of Otus Supply this Saturday.


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