Sam’s Jams: Junie Morrison, “Suziethundertussy”

One of the first songs that Morrison made in Detroit, pays tribute to some of his favorite bass players

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Meta Stange/WDET
Meta Stange/WDET

Junie Morrison is one of the most important figures in the development of funk music during the 1970’s. In 1970, he joined the funk band the Ohio Players as a producer, writer, keyboardist and vocalist, creating some of their major hits. He then moved to Detroit and became the musical-director for Parliament-Funkadelic in 1977. He made prominent contributions to the platinum-selling Funkadelic album One Nation Under a Groove, the single “(Not Just) Knee Deep”, the gold-selling Parliament albums Motor Booty Affair, and Gloryhallastoopid.

The song, “Suziethundertussy,” was originally released in 1976.

“Most of my early recordings in Detroit required that I, as a solo musician, would ultimately have to compete with pianists, drummers and bass players etc. from that city,” says Morrison. “Detroit had some great bassists, most notably, James Jamerson Sr. As a Detroit ‘bass player’ I felt it was important to know the techniques of the other players in that great city in order to tell the musical stories I wanted to tell.”

“This track represents, to me, the most fun I’ve had playing bass on a session. So, I now present to you Suzie Thundertussy a mixture of techniques from two of my favorite bassists, Mr. James Jamerson Sr., and [bassist from Ohio Players] Mr. Marshall Jones.”

The song was revisited by Kanye West for his song “No More Parties In LA” with Kendrick Lamar.

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