Latest UN Climate Study Predicts Devastating Biodiversity Losses

One million species of animals and plants face extinction. Jake Neher and guests dig into the implications from both a local and global perspective.

This week, the United Nations released a devastating study. One million species of animals and plants around the world face extinction many within decades. That’s according to the summary of the comprehensive 1,500 page climate report.

Why is this happening? The UN says humans — us  are accelerating the speed of climate change. That’s because our population is increasing rapidly, and we’re engaging in destructive activities such as large scale farming, fishing and poaching. What does this mean for our future and the future of the planet? What are the biggest implications for the Great Lakes region? And what can we realistically do about it at this point?

Laura Weber Davis/WDET

To answer those questions and more, Jake Neher speaks with Nick Schroeck, an environmental law expert, director of clinical programs and associate professor of law at University of Detroit Mercy Law School and Susan Casey-Lefkowitz, chief program officer for the Natural Resource Defense Council’s Climate and Clean Energy, Healthy People and Thriving Communities, Nature, and International programs.



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