Sam’s Jams: Je Ne Bois Pas Beaucoup – Les Ya Toupas du Zaire

From the 1976 album Les Ya Toupas du Zaire – Vol. 1

ARTIST: Les Ya Toupas du Zaire (The Ya Toupas of Zaire)

SONG: Je ne bois pas beaucoup (I Don’t Drink Much)

ALBUM:  Les Ya Toupas du Zaire – Vol. 1 (1976)

Originally released in Zaire in 1976 by the band Je Ne Pas Beaucoup, comprised of Congolese musicians. The two main musicians on this track (Henry Bowane and Sam Mangwana) were key figures in the development of Congolese Rumba (dance music from Congo that blended Cuban and African rhythms) in the late 1950’s, and went on to mix influences from American funk-soul music from the 1970’s.

This track got a resurgence around 2011 when the late-night warehouse party in London called Sofrito grew in popularity. The song got played a lot at these parties and was re-released on the Strut compilation “Tropical Discotheque”. It was also featured in the videogame Grand Theft Auto 5.

Meta Stange/WDET
Meta Stange/WDET

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