How is the Partial Government Shutdown Impacting You?

What are the little and big ways that the partial government shutdown is affecting your life?

WDET has covered the partial government shutdown’s impact on the Great Lakes, local beer, and Michigan’s economy. But we really want to hear from you about how its impacting your life.

Talk to Us

Tell us what effect the partial government shutdown is having on your life. Maybe it’s a direct impact like you’re missing your paychecks. Or maybe it’s more indirect, like you’re afraid to fly right now. Or maybe it’s something in between that we haven’t even thought about but YOU HAVE because it’s affecting your life.

Give WDET a call and leave a voicemail telling us about your experience. The number to call is (248) 660-9338. Don’t forget to include your first and last name, the spelling, and a phone number and/or email that we can reach you at. Your voicemail may be used in WDET’s coverage.

Jake Neher/WDET