Detroit Today’s 2018 Festivus Airing of Grievances

We’re got a lot of problems with 2018, and now you’re all going to hear about it!

Laura Weber-Davis, WDET

It’s Detroit Today’s annual Airing-of-the-Grievances Festivus celebration!

I have a lot of problems with you people, and now you’re going to hear about it!

This is the year we saw a major auto plant close in our backyard, the U.S. President glad-hand with North Korea’s supreme leader, and a movie about fish-human inter-species love win Best Picture at the Oscars. Romaine lettuce threatened your life… Polio is staging a comeback (sort of)… and Hepatitis A ruined your weekend at the Renaissance Festival.

Twenty-eighteen caused you a lot of grief, and now, in the spirit of the holidays, it’s time to let this year know how it wronged you.

We want to hear from you: now is the time to air your grievance. It can be big or small, personal or professional, real or perceived. How do you feel slighted this year? What bone do you have to pick with 2018?

Let’s hear it!

Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson is joined by a distinguished panel of people with beef and grief: Bill Nowling, Ryan Patrick Hooper, and Candice Fortman. 

On the list of their grievances in 2018:

— Trigger warnings

— The Lions

— Grocery stores

To hear the 2018 Airing of the Grievances, click on the audio player above.



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