“Love, Gilda” Brings Gilda Radner Home to Detroit

This week at the Detroit Film Theatre, “Love, Gilda” looks at the successes in Radner’s life as well as her battle with ovarian cancer.

Detroit Film Theatre

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This weekend, the Detroit Film Theatre will be screening Love, Gilda, a documentary about beloved comic, Gilda Radner.

Radner, who was originally from Detroit, was an original cast member of Saturday Night Live.

The documentary looks at the successes in Radner’s life as well as the battle with ovarian cancer that ultimately took her life in 1989.

CultureShift’s Ryan Patrick Hooper speaks with Elliot Wilhelm, the DFT’s curator, about the film.

“To see something about someone who was so sensible and funny and brilliant and offers you so much perspective is so refreshing,” says Wilhelm.

Tickets and information for Love, Gilda at the Detroit Film Theatre are available here.



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