Slurping It Up: Urban Ramen Brings New Noodles to Woodward Avenue

Detroit News features reporter Melody Baetens breaks down why there’s a line out the door at this new Detroit restaurant.

Melody Baetens/ Detroit News

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Urban Ramen is Detroit’s newest noodle shop. It’s located on Woodward Avenue in the city’s Midtown neighborhood.

WDET’s Ryan Patrick Hooper speaks with Detroit News features reporter Melody Baetens about how Urban Ramen fits into Detroit’s evolving food scene and the lines of people that always seem to be waiting to get in. According to Baetens, Urban Ramen appeals to a lot of people in Detroit because it has an “urban feel.” 

“People really, really like Johnny Noodle King and Ima and these noodle places in Corktown, but they’re often packed,” says Baetens. “You’re eating close to people. It’s warm in there. They’re making the noodles fresh,” she says. 


  • Ryan Patrick Hooper
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