Host Satori Shakoor Talks Season Two of WDET’s ‘Twisted Storytellers Podcast’

“I want to hear the story of the statistic. If people over here—no matter what their race, gender, age—if they’re all having the same challenge, what can we do about it?”

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It is often difficult to find joy in moments of tragedy.

Satori Shakoor helps people do just that as the host of the podcast Twisted Storytellers on WDET, which is now in its second season and currently available for download.

Twisted Storytellers not only offers powerful stories of race, marriage, and family but also provides lots of laughter and levity in their most serious moments.

One of Satori’s personal stories will be on the national Moth show next week. In this story, she talks about grieving the loss of her mother and then son.



Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson speaks with Satori Shakoor about the power of storytelling and the need for humans to be heard.

Shakoor on the mission of Twisted Storytellers:

“Storytelling, since the beginning of humankind, is here for us like organic fruits and vegetables and everything else in nature to use as therapy and community. Just to be heard is special.”

“I think it’s important for people to come and tell their stories and tell their experience and carry forth the wisdom of their experience and we can have compassion for that.”

On the power of storytelling and the need to be heard:

“We only exist, I believe, in another’s listening,” says Shakoor. “Everyone has a story. And if those stories aren’t heard, then where do they go?”

“We can’t just keep things bottled up, especially life-altering things. We can’t keep them bottled up because we’ll explode,” states Shakoor. “Everything explodes. If you put too much air in a balloon, it’ll pop.”

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