In The Groove with JR JR’s Josh Epstein

The Detroit indie rocker picks three formative songs from three formative years of his life.

Courtesy of JR JR

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Indie rock group JR JR is one of the seminal bands to come out of Detroit in the last ten years.

On Saturday, they will be performing a free show at Beacon Park in downtown Detroit.

JR JR’s singer Josh Epstein spoke with WDET’s Ryan Patrick Hooper for In The Groove — CultureShift’s award-winning series where a wide range of guests look back on three formative songs from three formative years of their life.

Track #1: A Grateful Dead Classic

Growing up, Epstein remembers listening to a lot of Grateful Dead on family road trips.

“My family was very musical and always sang four-part harmonies together,” he says. “I really remember… ‘Uncle John’s Band’ being a song we listened to a lot.”

Track #2: Pavement @ St. Andrew’s Hall

As a teenager, Epstein went with his sister to see Pavement perform at St. Andrew’s Hall in downtown Detroit.

“I remember hearing ‘Gold Soundz’…and that was a moment for me,” says Epstein.

Track #3: Dinner with Randy Newman

These days, Epstein has been listening to a lot of Randy Newman.

“The first Randy Newman song that I really got in to was… ‘living without you,’” he says. “I think Randy Newman does such a good job of writing through characters.”


  • Ryan Patrick Hooper
    Ryan Patrick Hooper is the award-winning host of "In the Groove" on 101.9 WDET-FM Detroit’s NPR station. Hooper has covered stories for the New York Times, NPR, Detroit Free Press, Hour Detroit, SPIN and Paste magazine.