Framed by WDET– Photographs and stories from Detroit

“Framed by WDET” tells the stories of communities who have a rich legacy in Detroit through photography and audio stories.

From longtime residents who are preserving a southern blues tradition to neighbors who share Middle Eastern cuisine, Framed by WDET highlighted the stories of communities who have a rich legacy in Detroit, but are often under- or misrepresented in the media.

A dynamic experience that reflected local culture from the perspective of communities and local artists who call Detroit home, Framed by WDET has been displayed in over 20 art spaces, featured over 160 printed photographs, and included the voices of nearly 100 individuals who live in metro Detroit.

Kenny Karpov for Framed by WDET 101.9 FM

As Detroit’s public radio station, WDET’s goals through this project were to lift a diversity of voices, highlight the work of Detroit-based artists, and preserve the stories of deeply-rooted communities who have contributed to the cultural vibrancy of a rapidly changing city.

Going beyond the lens of decay and revitalization, Framed by WDET offered a balanced perspective to the mainstream media’s common narrative about what is happening in Detroit. It explored a notion of something beautiful and worthwhile about living in Detroit – the places and moments that people share with one another.

Take a look at the featured communities and artists in this series:

  1. Sundays at The Carpet House: An award-winning feature about longtime residents who are preserving the “dirty” blues through a weekly grassroots music jam in Detroit. [Amy Sacka & Laura Herberg, 2015]

  2. Hummus Heartland: A collection of stories about Detroit’s ubiquitous Middle Eastern food culture. [Marvin Shaouni & Zak Rosen, 2017]

  3. Bubble Metropolis: Portraits and memories from contemporary underground dance communities in Detroit. [Corine Vermeulen & Conor Anderson, 2017]

  4. Beyond Balkanization: Voices of Balkan communities who have woven their cultural threads into the tapestry of southeast Michigan. [Rob St. Mary & Doug Coombe, 2017]

  5. The Sweet Science: Stories about strength and limitless possibility that feature the voices of the youth at Downtown Boxing Gym in Detroit. [Cydni Elledge & Laura Weber-Davis, 2017]

  6. Delray– Beyond Isolation: A look inside the daily life of normal people who are living in a small, isolated Detroit neighborhood that is experiencing change. [Kenny “Karpov” Corbin & Laura Herberg, 2014]

  7. Home on the Range: Images and personal narratives that explore family, responsibility, and human connection with the natural world. [Sean Work & Shelby Jouppi, 2017]

  8. Rolling Canvases: A celebration of automotive art and design from the lowrider community in Southwest Detroit. [Erik Paul Howard & Martina Guzmán, 2016]

  9. The Dress Show: A window into Hamtramck’s Bangladeshi community through the lens of its (many) cultural dress shop owners. [Kenny “Karpov” Corbin & Courtney Hurtt, 2014]

  10. Hair Capital of the World: Memorable moments and images about  Detroit’s hair legacy and culture. [Justin Milhouse & Shannon Cason, 2016]


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