Locally Made Guitars Make New Sounds Out of Detroit’s Old Buildings

“Each guitar has a story,” says Mark Wallace of Wallace Detroit Guitars

Wallace Guitars

Since 2014, Wallace Detroit Guitars has been using reclaimed wood from buildings in Detroit such as the Connor Avenue Cadillac stamping plant to make electric guitars.

They’ve gained quite a bit of national attention since launching four years ago, selling about 140 guitars at prices that start around $2,500.

Wallace Guitars is now producing a line of guitars with the help of Chevy Trucks.

WDET’s Ryan Patrick Hooper spoke with Wallace Detroit Guitars founder Mark Wallace about where the guitars come from and the new partnership.

“Each guitar has a story because it’s tied back to the building where the wood came from,” he says.

The partnership with Chevy Trucks came about when Wallace was asked if he would be interested in making guitars out of old work benches from their factory in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  

“We jumped at the chance,” Wallace says. “Chevy trucks are iconic. They represent that hand-made, American, fabricated pride.” 

Click on the audio player above for the full conversation. 


  • Ryan Patrick Hooper
    Ryan Patrick Hooper is the award-winning host of "In the Groove" on 101.9 WDET-FM Detroit’s NPR station. Hooper has covered stories for the New York Times, NPR, Detroit Free Press, Hour Detroit, SPIN and Paste magazine.