Grosse Point South High School to Join National Walkout

Thousands of students across the country will walk out of their classrooms to honor Parkland students and protest gun violence.

Students from thousands of schools across the country will walk out of classes to honor those killed last month’s Parkland, Florida shooting. 17 students and staff members were killed.

Grosse Pointe South High School will join the National School Walkout Wednesday. Alice Scott is a freshman and one of the organizers for her school. She says the goal of the walkout is to unify everyone and make schools more safe.

“No one in their right mind should be able to tell me that nothing is wrong, nothing needs to be done,” Scott says. “Because shooting after shooting we send our “thoughts and prayers” and thoughts and prayers do nothing. So if you’re going to send your thoughts and prayers that’s great but how about try sending a letter to Congress or really anything that’s actually going to do something.”

At 10:00 am students will walk out of their schools and stand in solidarity for 17 minutes to honor those killed in the Parkland shooting last month. Students at Grosse Point South High School will walk to their football field, sing the national anthem, and speak out about violence in schools.

Scott says she hopes its clear that no one is asking for a ban on guns. She says they just want what she called “smart laws” that will help make her school safer.

Quite frankly if that means taking off the shelves semi-automatic assault weapons, I think that is reasonable. Because those weapons were specifically designed for killing people. And so, if you think that is violating your second amendment right for hunting or collecting then I don’t know what to tell you if it’s for the safety of your children. What is more important to you?

– Alice Scott — Freshman, Grosse Pointe South High School

Other schools in Southeast Michigan joining the national walkouts include Renaissance and Osborn in Detroit, as well as public schools in Dearborn, Berkley, and West Bloomfield Township. 


  • Bre'Anna Tinsley
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