Ford’s Head of North America Leaves Amid Allegations of Inappropriate Behavior

The President of Ford Motor Company’s North American division is stepping down, after an internal company investigation found he exhibited “inappropriate behavior” that violated the automaker’s code of conduct. Ford does not say what that behavior was.

Pat Batcheller

The head of the Ford Motor Company’s North American operations is leaving the automaker effective immediately, amid allegations of inappropriate behavior.

Officials say in a statement that Raj Nair, Ford’s North American President, is stepping down after the automaker conducted an internal investigation that found he had exhibited behavior that “was inconsistent with the company’s code of conduct.”

Ford has not specified what that inappropriate conduct was.

The company does say that it is committed to having a safe and respectful culture and expects its leaders to uphold those values.



In his own statement Nair says that he regrets that he has not always “exhibited behaviors consistent with the principles that the company and I have always espoused.”

He took over the reins of the North American division last summer after serving as the head of Ford’s global product development and chief technical officer.


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