Detroit News Film Critic on Star Wars The Last Jedi: ‘This Movie Rocks So Hard’

Adam Graham says he’s slipping the movie into his top-10 film list for 2017.

Gus Navarro/WDET

The latest in the Star Wars film franchise hits theaters Thursday night.

The Last Jedi has already been raking in positive reviews from critics, and it’s expected to gross about $200 million at the box office through the weekend.

Detroit News Film Critic Adam Graham saw the film this week. He gives his thoughts on the movie to Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson and producer Laura Weber Davis.

“I’ll preface everything I’m saying by saying I’m not a Star Wars super-fan,” says Graham. “This movie rocks. This movie rocks so hard.”

Click here to read Graham’s full review of The Last Jedi in the Detroit News

“It’s a Star Wars for today,” he continues. “It’s a political Star Wars. I think that you can read into the things that you want to about what it is saying about our world today. At the same time, it’s lightsabers and it’s laser fights and it’s X-wing fighters. So it kind of deftly straddles the line between entertainment and commentary.”

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