Christmas Tree Shopping Trends and Tips

Michigan’s Christmas tree supply is a little lower this year, so an MSU Extension Senior Educator explains why.

It’s that time of the year when many Metro Detroiters set out to find the perfect Christmas tree. As Michigan is one of the country’s top Christmas tree producers, residents throughout the state probably won’t notice a slightly lower supply this year. Jill O’Donnell, a Senior Michigan State University Extension Educator, says fewer Christmas trees for sale can be attributed to an oversupply in previous years that is now balancing out. She adds that even though Michiganders shouldn’t have any difficulty finding trees to purchase, that’s not the case for consumers in other parts of the country. 

O’Donnell also talks about the potted tree trend that more and more people are experimenting with. According to this article from Michigan State University Extension’s website, there are a few different varieties that could work in Michigan yards and living rooms. O’Donnell says most potted trees should not be brought inside until about one week before the holiday, and the main things to remember for any live Christmas trees are: water it and keep it in a cool area of your home (i.e. not right next to a heating vent).