Look for Thousands of Birds of Prey in SE Mich Skies This Weekend

Thousands of raptors and other birds fly over SE Michigan and Lake Erie now through November

Thousands of hawks and other birds of prey are expected to fly over Southeast Michigan, Southern Ontario, and Lake Erie this weekend. The annual migration can bring over 100,000 birds through the Lake Erie flyway over the course of just one-day. Holly Vaughn is the Wildlife Communications Coordinator for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. She says Red-tailed Hawks and Turkey Vultures are a common sight, but there are a few others residents could see

 “This time of year when migration is really cookin on the Detroit River and along Lake Erie, one of the most plentiful birds that migrates and passes through is the Broad Winged Hawk. And Broad Winged Hawks are a little bit more secretive so you don’t see them as often but we do have quite a few here in Michigan” -Holly Vaughn, DNR


State of Ohio

Vaughn says the 35th Annual Hawk Watch and Monitoring Day takes place Saturday at the Lake Erie Metropark boat launch on Jefferson Avenue in Brownstown Township. The public is invited to participate in the observation and counting of migrating raptors. 


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